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2017 Annual Report


While we maintained a strong core in the Acolyte group this past year, our challenge (as in past years) has been working to identify new members.  We are especially grateful for the faithful service of our Acolytes who serve all year with dignity and reverence.  While we were unable to enjoy a fun “getaway” as a group in 2017, we plan to make up for that in 2018, so stay tuned for something fun later this year.  In addition, there will be some fun in-church sessions coming-up in the April/May timeframe where everyone will get a chance to refine their skills in a way which I promise will be enjoyable for all.

As mentioned above, our focus will continue to be to grow the membership in this most important service here at Trinity, and I encourage new members to join – BOTH youth and adults.  While traditional guidance has maintained that no one under the age of 9 can serve, exceptions can always be made if the robe fits – there is always room for another Acolyte!

Lastly, I want to thank Jeff Pierce and Roy McAdoo for their years of service in this ministry.  And while they have both “retired”, do not be surprised if you see them in a robe once and a while.  I want to give an extra thanks to Roy for all that he has done for this ministry over the years.  He left very large shoes to fill.
Respectfully submitted,

Neale Hegarty

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