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Altar Guild Mission Statement

“To render, with dedication and loving attention to detail, all Holy Housework needed for liturgy and worship at Trinity Episcopal Church with an intention of creating a sacred environment of Trust, Peace, Hope, Charity and Love, all for the greater glory of God.”


The Altar Guild at Trinity Episcopal Church functions at the prerogative of the Priest.  Thanks be to all of you who carry out this most essential ministry.


What Do The Members of The Altar Guild Do?
How Is The Guild Organized?

The altar Guild works in assigned teams designated for the month.  Each team has an experienced leader and a member experienced in floral design.

We have five teams, resulting in duties for two months of the year.  Five members cover the months of July & August they are also a part of one of the five team members.  A special team takes care of weddings, funerals and other special events.  Set-up is done on Saturdays for the Sunday services, and schedules are arranged to change between services and the clean up duties after the last service.

You receive training and guidance from the team members, as well as available manuals and illustrations and check lists to ensure the correct steps are completed.  It’s a painless process. 

Each month, there are month-end cleaning duties.  Working with a team results in a comfortable atmosphere where you can learn and expand your knowledge and meaning of our worship.

Your team leader sets up schedules to accommodate your lifestyle and sharing the duties makes this a rewarding fulfillment of expanding your faith and contributing to the community at Trinity.

IT’S EASY, ENJOYABLE AND REWARDING!!  If you are interested in this Ministry at Trinity please contact Jan Atkins, Directress of the Altar Guild -

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