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2017 Annual Report

Submitted by Gail A. Emmerson

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Our donations and accomplishments this past year reflect our philosophy of helping people and families in need, most especially children, locally, statewide and throughout the world.

The Special Envelope Donations for 2017
Ash Wednesday IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services) $311
Good Friday The Anglican Church in Jerusalem $30
Easter Sunday Habitat for Humanity $895
Ascension Day Chrysalis Center $100
Trinity Sunday Mercy House $120
All Saints Day Camp Washington $125
Thanksgiving The Gathering Place $150
Christmas IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services) $840

On Super Bowl Sunday, we collected $312 in our “Souper Bowl Sunday” stockpot to send to Torrington Soup Kitchen.

We continued our commitment to providing meals to ‘Lunch in the Park’ on a quarterly basis, as there is no meal available otherwise to the homeless in Hartford on Saturdays. With the help and contributions of many parishioners, we provided and distributed 70-100 bag meals to the homeless at Bushnell Park four times a year.

In the spring, the Outreach Committee made and delivered ‘goody bags’ for homebound parishioners to let them know they are missed.  In December, homebound parishioners received a plant and some small necessary items as well as a prayer.

In November, Julia Wholey and I chaired the Quality Street Fair. A host of other parishioners participated in a multitude of ways to make this annual fund raising truly successful.  $7,400 was raised and divided between the Canton Food and Canton Fuel Banks. 

In December, a needy Canton family received multiple Christmas gifts due to the generosity of our members.

The Canton Food Bank, operating out of Trinity, continues to feed many of our Canton neighbors. We ask that you continue to remember to pick up non-perishable food items when you are shopping and drop them in the basket on your way in to church.

We gratefully thank the congregation for its wonderful support of the Outreach Committee.  Without your continued support, we would not be able to help those people less fortunate than ourselves as Jesus calls us to do.  We welcome suggestions of any organization that you would like us to consider for the upcoming year. We continue to seek ‘new blood’ on the Committee especially newer members of Trinity, to provide us with new ideas, talent and energy. Please consider it!

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Corthouts, Chair

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