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2016 Annual Report

After such a busy 2015, things (for the most part) slowed down during 2016.  Our focus moved from installing new carpet and new paint in every room, to one of maintenance – specifically, keeping our home looking as good as it did the day painting was finished.

As many of you are aware, we have had struggles in the past with water finding its way into the building.  I am very happy to report that, as of the end of 2016, we appear to be officially “water-tight”.  The work around the church foundation has succeeded in keeping the water out of our basement.  In addition, the replacement of all of the gutters with commercial-grade material will aid in directing water away from the building.  Finally, and certainly not least, we replaced our entire roof!  This new roof will ensure that the rain, ice and snow cannot penetrate our attic for the next 50 years, and threaten the newly-painted ceilings.

Looking forward to 2017, we will be shifting our focus to our aging furnace, as we explore our options to ensure we have a cost-effective, efficient and safe way to heat our home.

Special shout-outs to the Trinity Handymen and women who assisted with everything from replacing faulty plumbing valves to covering items in the attic during the roofing project.  It is a great pleasure to have so many people who are willing to help keep our building in tip-top shape!

While 2016 was a somewhat slower year, I find comfort in the fact that there was a significant decrease in unforeseen repairs or “emergencies” due to lack of maintenance.  The Capital Campaign has allowed us to bring our building back to the level it deserves – now it is upon all of us to keep it there.  I thank all of you who stepped up and helped to keep Trinity well maintained.

With Gratitude,
Neale Hegarty
Junior Warden

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