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2017 Annual Report

With all the hustle-and-bustle involved with the Capital Campaign coming to a close, we should all take pride in the condition of our Trinity home.  After working tirelessly to bring the condition of our building back to a level befitting our expectations, we have continued the due diligence to keep it that way.

2017 was a year of true preventative maintenance.  Regular gutter cleanings, paint touch-ups on the interior and exterior of the building, wood rot and woodpecker repairs on trouble-prone areas before any real damage could develop and of course, lots of landscape work and weed-pulling.  At every turn, the members of Trinity appeared when summoned, and our Trinity home looks better than ever as a result.

2017 marked the second year in a row that water was kept out of the building.  A combination of a new roof, new (and bigger) gutters, additional downspouts and clearing around the foundation all allowed us to maintain a dry basement.

Last, but certainly not least, we rewarded ourselves with a new furnace!  Not only will this furnace use less than ½ the oil as our previous model, the computer-controlled functions will ensure additional efficiencies that will lead to additional savings in operational costs for years to come.  Our old furnace literally limped across the finish line last April, so its replacement could not have come at a better time, especially for the Trinity Nursery School, which did not look forward to the prospect of having to cancel classes in the 2018/2018 school year.

Once again, I want to give special shout-outs to the Trinity Handymen and women who assisted with everything from rotting fence posts to loose stairs to spraying acres of poison ivy to moving the Trinity Smoker to its winter home.  It is a great pleasure to have so many people who are willing to help keep our building in tip-top shape, and who volunteer at a moment’s notice.

2017 was a year void of any building “emergencies” – testament to the time, effort and money we have put into maintaining our home.  The Capital Campaign has allowed us to bring our building back to the level it deserves – now it is upon all of us to keep it there.  I thank all of you who stepped up and helped to keep Trinity in the condition it deserves.

With Gratitude,

Neale Hegarty, Junior Warden

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