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2018 Annual Report

The major items of the Capital Campaign are in place such as a new roof, bigger gutters, and additional downspouts, and a new furnace. We focused our attention on some of the ongoing maintenance of the church.

The exterior of the church was cared for with weed whackers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, or those with just the love of gardening and pulling weeds. This is always a complete team effort and we cannot thank those in this community enough that volunteer to weed a garden or trim a bush in the memorial garden or cut the brush around the parking lot enough. We had three work weekends planned but all three were washed out. Still, we managed to keep the church and the grounds looking in good shape.

We worked with the vestry on determining what was important and added outside motion lights and now have three security cameras hardwired around the perimeter of the building.

We had the floors of Trinity stripped and waxed. Thanks to all who helped move the furniture out of the way and put it back so the work could get done.

We added 7 new banquet tables that are light enough to move around the church for events inside and out.

We are working on a service contract for the elevator to keep it in working condition and without needing a replacement.

We all enjoy and have a beautiful place to come together and worship in.  Thank you for being willing to take care of our spiritual home. It is not possible without the many Trinity Handymen and women who are willing help at a moments’ notice.

With Gratitude,

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Nicksa
Junior Warden

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