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2016 Annual Report - Time Talent and Treasure

At Trinity we continued to emphasize that stewardship is a year around ministry for each of us—it is time, talent, and treasure all year around. “‘Walk in love’ is a simple phrase, but packed with implications for all of us as we worship together and work to maintain the security and sanctity of our sacred church home. When we walk in love with one another in this Christian community, we will surely have the resources needed to continue our good works in the name of God. Walking in love requires that each of us does what we can to keep our community in good financial shape while we anticipate yet another year of worshipping God, growing together in faith, helping others, and loving our neighbors.

We all know the church lights must stay on, our building must be heated. We must care for the children and youth who attend our church and pay the modest salaries of those who are responsible for coordinating these activities. We must provide spiritual nourishment to all who enter our doors, we must be prepared to baptize, confirm, marry and bury those who worship among us. These needs don’t vary much from year to year and yet the price tag assigned does rise a bit with the national economy. Let’s keep our momentum going in God’s name. Trinity, Collinsville is known as a safe, giving, loving place in the community. This is with thanks to the dedication of so many volunteers and your previous financial gifts!”

This year your Vestry took responsibility for Stewardship with the theme of “Walking in love.” The words above were shared with you in October. We walk in love in many ways, and it takes all of us to be listening for what God is calling us to do and to be. We know there must be a group of Trinity members who have passion around helping us to be the best stewards we can be of what God has given us. We entered the year of 2016 on faith and we ended the year well. God is good all the time, and how do we respond to God’s generosity in our lives? This year’s stewardship drive resulted in 69 pledges—8 fewer pledges than last year. How do we move that number higher vs. a trend downward? Will you help us in 2017 to seize our time to be stewards that God intends?

In gratitude and in hope,
Your Vestry

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