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2018 Annual Report


Nursery School Teachers Report 

The school employs a treasurer, administrator/head teacher and three teachers. During the 2018 school year, TNS held one three-year-old class and two four-year-old classes.

The school was in its fifth NAEYC Accreditation year which means a NAEYC inspector came out to overlook the entire school and program. A lengthy process of filing over three hundred criteria items as evidence in five binders was submitted by hand by Lee Ann Delaney.  This filing sometimes required Lee Ann to copy criteria several times in order to place the evidence in multiple sections of each Standards Binder. She hoped to go online to streamline the fifth-year reports but it required having a credit card. The cost to process accreditation is at least $550.00 per year and $1,050.00 on the fifth year.  Lee Ann would have been able to upload and submit the evidence once and the streamline online recording will disperse it to all the criteria’s matching/provided evidence. Hours of time will be saved thanks to online annual and 5th year streamlining.  TNS will meet many new NAEYC standards called, “emerging” criteria with a credit card/electronic payment. We look forward to using a credit card to continue with NAEYC criteria and reduce the amount of time, paper, ink and exhaustion it causes each year and especially on the fifth year – the “biggie”. NAEYC Accreditation went brilliantly with a very high score. You may contact Lee Ann at for Accreditation information.

The school’s website requires online payments to keep the site up and running and to continue to own the domain. The payments were due in December, the previous Publicity chairperson resigned and removed her credit card, so Lee Ann used her own credit card for keeping the site running – which was fine, but then there was only a limit of $500.00 so she was unable to use it right away for her own purchases during December. The need for a school credit card is necessary to operate a school website.  With the future in mind and a parent who is a computer geek mentioning a way for TNS to own its domain, set up portals to a mother ship website was introduced.  This “mother ship” would receive incoming notifications from TNS’s main website, Instagram, TNS Facebook and Parent Facebook Group, Private Messenger, Parent Volunteer Committee, Administrator, Treasurer, Church Secretary, Teachers and Parents.  Currently, Lee Ann is operating independently with Facebook, two Facebook pages, a Gmail account for the Parent Volunteer Committee, A TNS Yahoo account, Private Messenger and texts. She runs all communication with several apps on her private iPhone which she is currently donating/not charging the school for the storage. With a new and upgraded website, when a notification comes in, it will go to the specific person who is operating specific portals and all they need to do is reply, and their message will send out to wherever the original inquiry came from. Lee Ann investigated to see how much a website such as this could cost and they’re up to or at least $4.000.00. It is being donated by this parent/family.

The Parent Volunteer Committee researched ways to market for the school and came up with a list of ideas. The main topics which come up every year is what we need to do in order to provide a service to meet the needs of families in this area without changing the curriculum because they are in favor of the program. They would like longer days, but that would require more staff/employee salaries and the cost of tuitions would need to go up. The way payments are made needs updating in order to afford tuitions as they currently exist.
Young families struggle with tuition payments during the early years and through difficult economic times, yet they know their child needs preschool with the full day changes made in kindergarten. Parents continue to request a form of online payment/electronic payments so they may use a credit card – pay off the tuition and then pay off the credit card on their own/with their own terms. We are in hopes of this idea to emerge at TNS in the future which will again meet three or more NAEYC Criteria Standards.

Our Playground toy shed has a new roof! Thanks to a donation by the Hayes family!
We have new mulch! Thanks to a donation by the Platt family!
Candy Cane Carnival and several fundraisers were a success thanks to the chairpersons, PVC, all of the TNS families, teachers, local and businesses in CT, and Trinity church and it’s parishioners.

-The teachers attended the ECE Fair at the Canton Public Library which brought in three families for the 2018 school year and allows the teachers to communicate with other programs in the local area.
-Teachers Judy Sharp, Mary Doran, Katy Gentile and Katy’s daughters, Sophia and Bella purchased and collected items for various ages and packaged them to donate to the Canton Food Bank families.
-Lee Ann attended Roaring Brook Nature Center as their K-1 summer teacher which brings students from TNS to Roaring Brook and sends current/prospective families from RBNC to TNS. She also raised over $350.00 for the Debbie Burton Scholarship fund with her band at a Concert.
-TNS donated a Christmas Tree to the Canton Historical Museum – The Theme “It’s All Good” by Pete the Cat was a popular hit at the annual Gallery of Trees!
-TNS students learned all about water and the benefits of clean water. They explored with water in a variety of ways throughout the school program (which was of course a blast!) and they took a “watering can” home to place coins to raise money for the children in Puerto Rico. We sent their donation to World Water Relief who guarantee our water donation is delivered to families and not left on a tarmac at the airport. A personalized thank you note was sent to our students and their families in return.

I write on behalf of our teachers and families: We are blessed to work with young children at TNS and we hope to fulfill the needs of young children and their families in our area. We are proud to be the oldest nursery school in the Farmington Valley area and we hope to continue to shine brightly as a beacon for families to join our TNS family every year. We would like to thank Linda Spiers, Mary Jones, Trinity’s Vestry, Trinity Parishioners, and the Episcopal Diocese of CT for supporting our nursery school program.  Again, the children would like to thank Mr. Almori who continues to deliver (safe/no sharp edges) paint cans to our school. Lord knows they love to paint!

We look forward to emerging into 2019 – Happy New Year! 


Respectfully submitted,
Lee Ann Delaney, Administrator/Head Teacher



Trinity Nursery School - Treasurer's
2018 Annual Report

The following is a report from the Trinity Nursery School Board of Directors for the 2018 annual meeting of Trinity Episcopal Church, respectfully submitted by Garry Schafer, President and Kerry Platt, Treasurer.

  • Enrollment had been on a downward trend for the past few years, from 49 in 2014-15, to 39 in 2015-16, to 36 in 2016-17 and in 2017-18, and we have therefore run 3 out of the 4 planned classes in each of those years.  We believe that the economy as well as the move toward full-day kindergarten has contributed to this decline.  In an effort to stabilize and reverse this decline, we are looking into additions to the current class offerings to be more competitive in our current market, as well as potentially initiating an online payment option.  This option will help to streamline tuition payments as well as fulfill a need by current and future parents, giving them the option to pay via check or credit card.


  • We have maintained state licensing and are current NAEYC accreditation.  


  • We currently have one full time teacher/Administrator, Lee Ann Delaney, who teaches the 3- year-old and the 4-year-old classes.  Katy Gentile, a part-time teacher, joins Lee Ann in teaching 3 and the 4-year-olds.   Judy Sharp and Mary Doran are part time teachers, working primarily with the 3-year-old classes.  The current staff is an excellent mix of education and talent, all with a very high level of dedication and enthusiasm. Donna Miscikoski was our Treasurer through December 1, 2018.  We value and appreciate all of the time and hard work Donna gave to the nursery school over the past 10 years.  We are proud to announce Kerry Platt as our new Treasurer.  We welcome Kerry who is a CPA and brings a host of experience with her accounting and tax background.  Both Lee Ann and Kerry will continue to perform various paid duties that we feel, in order to provide year over year consistency, are better performed by an employee rather than a volunteer.  Some of their duties include the renewal of the state licenses, inspections, contracts, student paperwork, registration, invoices and payments, budgeting, budget variance tracking, cash flow management, tuition tracking and follow-up and more as indicated in the Trinity Nursery School Bylaws.
  • We would like to extend our thanks to all of the parent volunteers who have contributed this year and of course, to the staff of the school.  We would also like to thank the members of the church Vestry for their continued support of the nursery school.


Trinity Nursery School Financials:                                                                           

Cash Balance, 6/30/2017                                $55,999.79

Revenues, 7/1/2017 - 6/30/2018                     $77,191.13
Expenses, 7/1/2017 - 6/30/2018                     $98,044.61                                                     

Cash Balance, 6/30/2018                                $35,146.31


Respectfully submitted,
Kerry Platt, Treasurer


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