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Quality Street Fair

On Saturday, November 20th, the whole parish put in a great day to give to the Canton Food Bank and Canton Connections. What A Day!

Blessing of the Animals

On Sunday, October 3rd, the animal members of the Trinity family got a special blessing at a service held out on the lawn. Each blessee also got a big dog bone biscuit!

Trinity Work Day

On Saturday, October 2nd, several Trinity members spent the day working on the gardens and fixing up our buildings.

Sam Collins Day

On Saturday, September 25th, members of Trinity participated in Collinsville's annual Sam Collins Day with our booth and the bounce house.

Homecoming Day

On Sunday, September 12th, Trinity celebrated the start of Church School with games and outdoor activities after church.

Saturday In The Park

On Saturday, August 14th, members of Trinity made lunch for the homeless in Bushnell Park and then delivered it to them.

Paws In Pews

Wednesday evening, June 16, Trinity hosted parish members and their dogs for a special Holy Eucharist service.

Parish Picnic

After our Rite-13 combined service, we all went out to the lawn and had our annual parish picnic. Great food was had by all!

Rite-13 Ceremony

Sunday, June 13th we welcomed two new young ladies into our parish as teenagers.

Rite-13 Rehearsal Dinner

On Friday, June 11th our two Rite-13 young ladies went through their rehearsal for the formal event on June 13th. Afterward, there was a small dinner to celebrate the event.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

On Sunday, June 6th, the parish celebrated all of the Christian Education volunteers for this year with a teacher appreciation breakfast.

Nightwatch St. John the Divine

On Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th, Trinity youth visited St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City for an overnight event.

Memorial Day Parade

On Monday, May 31st, Trinity participated in the annual Canton Memorial Day Parade. We had a truck, complete with choir and several walkers and other cars. A great time has had by all!

Mitzvah Day &
Meals In The Park

On Saturday, May 8th a hearty group of parishoners showed up to work on Trinity for their Mitzvah. Several more joined them later to make sandwiches for the poor in Hartford and then went to Hartford and distributed the food.

Pictures From Marc-Yves Regis

On Sunday, April 11th, Marc preached at both services and afterward shared his photography of the post-quake Haiti.

Soup Supper
Exploring All Three Abrahamic Traditions

On Wednesday, March 24th we hosted all three of our Soup Supper speakers to a round table discussion of Abrahamic traditions for our fourth lenten soup supper.

Soup Supper
Exploring Christian Traditions

On Friday, March 19th we hosted our very own The Rev. Linda Spiers to talk about our Christian traditions for our third lenten soup supper.

Trinity Youth Host Our Pancake Breakfast For Haiti

After the 10 O'Clock service on March 14th, the parish was treated to a pancake breakfast by Trinity's youth. All the proceeds went to help Haiti earthquake victums

Soup Supper
Exploring Jewish Traditions

On Thursday, March 11th we hosted Rabbi Debra Cantor for our second lenten soup supper.

Soup Supper
Exploring Islam

On Friday, March 6th we hosted Sister Shamshad Sheikh for our first lenten soup supper.

Food In
The Park

On Saturday, February 27, 2010 we had a real crowd making sandwiches and loading lunch bags for meals to the homeless in the park in Hartford. 15 followed in a caravan to Hartford and delivered the goods!



This was Deacon Doug's first "Flip Video" (Notice It's In High Definition!)



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