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2017 Annual Report

Submitted by Jan Atkins

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Altar Guild Mission Statement:

“To render, with dedication and loving attention to detail, all Holy Housework
Needed for liturgy and worship at Trinity Episcopal Church with an intention
Of creating a sacred environment of Trust, Peace, Hope, Charity and Love, All for the Greater Glory of God.”

The Altar Guild at Trinity Episcopal Church
functions at the prerogative to the Priest. 

Thanks be to all of you who carry out this most essential ministry.

Each week our Altar is tended to by your Altar Guild.  Weekly funds for flowers and the sanctuary light are given by parish members in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, someone or some special occasion in their lives.  If you would like to contribute or join us in this mission you will find envelopes and signup sheets on the tower in the Narthex.  Simply fill in the date you would like to denote, place your funds in the envelope provided and drop it in the offering plate or return it to the church office.  These donations are how the Altar Guild is funded.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

We move quickly through the seasons and Altar Guild members are kept busy with an ever changing schedule.  The Altar Guild doesn’t just work on Sundays.  You will find us here during the week if there are special services or needs, a team arrives on Saturday morning to prepare for Sunday services and on Sunday we work throughout the morning to make sure all is set for our two services.  You have a wonderful dedicated group of women on your Altar Guild.  Be sure to thank them!

This year’s Christmas Season brought some challenges!  On the Wednesday before Christmas we joined with several members of the parish for an evening of a wreath making, proceeded by warm soup and fellowship. Greens were once again cut and delivered by Mike Wallace.  We Greened the church on Christmas Eve, following the 9 a.m. service.  This church looked lovely for our Christmas Eve services!  Thanks to Sharon Courthouts for the beautiful floral arrangements at Christmas and to Linda Burgess and her team for the Thanksgiving Harvest and Easter Garden.  Long term members and their knowledge are much appreciated on this Guild.  There is always something new for us to learn.

We are now preparing for Lent and Holy Week.  Palms have been ordered for Palm Sunday and it will soon be time to order our plants for Easter Day.  If you haven’t given for Easter Flowers in the past, please consider contributing this year.  I guarantee the feeling is wonderful when you look at our Altar on Easter Day and know you have had a part in its beauty.

No doubt the New Year will bring celebrations, sorrows and changes as we join around the Lord’s Table.  Your Altar Guild is ready to accept each one, and we ask you to join us.  If you are interested, please let me know.  More hands are always needed and we would be happy to have you share with us the joy of preparing the Altar for worship.

And to all parish members, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.  Thank you to Mary Jones for keeping me on track with reports, announcements and early access to bulletins and to Linda+ for her love, support, encouragement and for continuing to make us all welcome at the Lord’s Table.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Atkins, Altar Guild Directress



Phyllis Lowell, Joan Hayes, Ann Bierut, Ann McAdoo, Karanne Farling, Linda Burgess, Deb Asaro, Dawn Lowell, Emily Henne, Carlene Rhea, Marianne Amo, Bette Holmes, Sharon Courthouts

Special Flowers – Carolyn Jones


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