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Annual Report



Our Mission

The mission of the Christian Education Committee is to create a nurturing and hospitable environment where all members of our parish can develop in mind and body, heart and spirit. We seek to serve all in Christ's name through religious formation programs and service projects both within Trinity and in the greater community.


Christian education at Trinity impacts each member of the congregation whether we participate in specific programs or just witness the results.  We strive to provide a variety of offerings for all. The primary responsibility and oversight for education falls to our Minister of Christian Education and the Christian Education Committee with active involvement and administrative supervision by the Rector.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for all members of our parish to nurture and develop their faith.

  • For Children - to implement age appropriate lessons and activities to teach and proclaim the Gospel message.

  • For Young People - to provide an environment where they can discover and explore their faith.

  • For Adults - to offer regular and special programs that enlighten and expand their understanding and love of Christ in their lives.

  • For All - to foster an understanding and appreciation of the rich liturgical tradition of the Episcopal Church.

God's garden

Christian Formation for Children, Youth and Adults
Trinity Episcopal Church, Collinsville CT
Fall 2018 through Spring 2019

The goal of Christian Formation at Trinity Episcopal Church is to implement age appropriate lessons and activities that teach and proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ while at the same time providing a safe and nurturing environment where our children and young people can discover and explore their faith.

For our adult members, we strive to offer programs that enlighten and expand their understanding and love for God in Christ.


Early Childhood – Grade 3 - We will continue to use the gift of Story and wonder within the Living the Good News curriculum for these age groups.  Godly Play Stories will be woven into our Sunday morning program throughout the Church School year.  No matter the program, children in this age group will work with the two questions that are basic to any Godly Play experience – I wonder where you are in this Story and I wonder which part of the Story is about you. We are, after all, a “people of the Story.”


Grades 4-6  also work with Living the Good News. Throughout this stage of faith formation, we continually seek out programs that help youngsters in the intermediate grades enter the Sunday Scriptures in a way that honors their unique developmental needs.  Living the Good News fits this requirement.  In addition, art, music, and literature are incorporated within each of the lessons so as to enrich each youngster’s experience of and with the Word of God as well as to honor diversity of learning styles.

Grades 7 through 9Young people in these grades are involved in a program of spiritual formation known as “The Journey to Adulthood”.  This program provides a liturgical framework for young adults’ experience in modern culture; celebrates their individuality and their creative potential and instructs them in skills needed for successful adult participation, with God’s grace, in church and society.  As a supplementary experience for our young adults, we currently utilize a version of Living the Good News specifically created for their unique spiritual and developmental needs.  Youngsters who turn 13 this year, celebrate their Rite 13 Liturgy .  It is a true celebration of their movement from childhood into young men and young women.

Why use Living the Good News throughout our Sunday morning faith formation programs?  As people of the Story, we need the connection to God’s Word as found in our Sunday morning Scripture readings.  It connects our children and young people in the classroom with the adult community at worship in the Sanctuary.  We all listen to the God speaking to us through Holy Scripture thus providing a whole community approach.  There is a saying, Find Your Story; Find Your Way (Raymond Arroyo).  Sunday mornings provide our children and young people with a safe place to listen to the Story of God and, with the grace of the Spirit, make that Story a reality within their own life story!

Grades 10 & 11 – These young adults are now in their second year of formal preparation for the reception of Confirmation.  In addition to weekly sessions with their youth leader, as well as their group, these young people are responsible for meeting certain requirements set forth by the Diocese of Connecticut as well as Trinity Episcopal Church.  They will be asked to be in on-going conversation with their parents, adult members of our parish family and each other as they share this most important time in their faith journey. These youngsters continue to utilize the J2A curriculum that is part of the Journey to Adulthood series as well as the Sunday Scriptures, the Book of Common Prayer and a Confirmation specific curriculum, “My Faith, My Life.”



Adult Christian Formation:  Throughout this upcoming year, we will continue to offer a diversity of opportunities that invite adult members of our faith community to honor and deepen their own journey to God and, thus, be able to share that faith with others.  Our programs consistently include weekly Scripture Study gatherings where we read, study and reflect upon the up-coming Sunday Scriptures, quiet evenings and mornings of reflection; quiet knitting times; inter-faith experiences and opportunities as well as book discussions, Lenten Soup Supper/Workshops and so much more. We continue to seek out ways that both inspire and challenge us to live out more fully every aspect of our Baptismal Covenant – especially Christ’s mandate to proclaim by word and example the Good News; to seek and serve Him in all persons; to strive for justice and peace among all people and to respect the dignity of every human being.

For more specific information concerning our adult faith formation programs, or any of our children/ youth programs, please consult the Trinity website or call Theresa Bellacosa, Minister of Christian Formation, at (860) 693-8172.



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