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2018 Annual Report

Submitted by Linda†

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The Worship Committee has faithfully met to plan special liturgies, discuss feedback from the congregation, consider ways to enliven our worship, and incorporate ways to include more actively Trinity’s youth and children in liturgy. The Committee includes members of a wide spectrum of the parish: Altar Guild, Choir, Christian Formation, Pastoral Care along with the rector. We welcome new members at any time, especially those who wish to learn more about liturgy and those with ideas to share.

2018 services planned included the No Rehearsal Epiphany Pageant with participants of all ages; Martin Luther King, Jr., remembrance; Ash Wednesday (with Ashes to Go, hot cross buns, prayers from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. in Trinity’s parking lot, and ashes delivered to the Fire Station and Police Station and LaSalle Market); Palm Sunday with Chicks on a Stick; Holy Week services; The Great Vigil of Easter; Easter Day; Pentecost; Trinity Sunday; Youth Sunday with Rite-13 Liturgy; Homecoming Sunday; Blessing of the Animals; Children’s Sabbath; In-gathering Sunday; Thanksgiving Day with blessing of breads; Advent Sundays with Advent wreath prayers; Confirmation service with Bishop visitation; Christmas services; Christmas Lessons and Carols; regular Sunday services throughout the year including Healing prayers once per month. Music for all services continued to be planned by Director of Music Jenny Bradshaw, Choir Librarian Leslie Dehey and Linda.

Worship Committee members have been the eyes and ears for feedback around Trinity’s liturgy, and they invite your feedback. Eucharistic Prayers continued to be rotated, so that the congregation can come to know the fullness of The Book of Common Prayer’s diversity in addition to the approved liturgies included in Enriching Our Worship Supplemental texts and the Children’s Sabbath Liturgy provided by the Children’s Defense Fund. We said farewell to Jan Atkins as Altar Guild Directress member and new Altar Guild Directress Ann McAdoo joined the group. Other members include Leslie Dehey, Roseann Kitching, Phyllis Lowell, and Theresa Bellacosa. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom of the Worship Committee and their dedication to helping make our liturgy the best that it can be. They continued to give of themselves freely and I thank each member for their ministry to us all. In the 2019 Stewardship PledgePLUS giving, we had a new member desire to join the group and we rejoice in that. If you are interested in joining us, please contact any one of us. It is a small community of learning and one that cares deeply about the richness of our Episcopal liturgy.  

Respectfully submitted,
The Rev. Linda Spiers, Rector


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