Camp Hispaniola

When growing up in Haiti, parishioner Marc-Yves Regis never went to summer camp. After reminiscing on his childhood memories one day in 2009, Marc came up with the idea to offer summer camps for children in Haiti and near the sugarcane fields  in the Dominican Republic, where Haitians toil long hours for little money. He established the non-profit Camp Hispaniola, a one-week camp offered annually in two locations. At camp, children can have fun and are guaranteed two meals each day. It is a chance to develop physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Today,  80% of Camp Hispaniola’s camp counselors are alumni. 

Marc-Yves Regis is a poet, photojournalist, and author of a number of books, including Haiti Through My Eyes, Two Good Feet, and After the Shock (about the devastating 2010 earthquake there). He has dedicated his life to generating more awareness about the plight – but also the strength and beauty – of Haitian people, and to give back to his homeland by creating opportunities there for joy, growth, and connection. 

Help Camp Hispaniola

The camp is a free service to its children thanks to the generous drives and donations of various local congregations and businesses.

Interested in Helping?

Lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering to our outreach ministries. Contact Claudette in the Trinity Office for help connecting to those who can get you started.