“Trinity is inspirational and aspirational; good people doing good work.”

Jim Stapleton
parishioner, worship assistant, vestry member

The Worship Committee is comprised of Karanne Farling (priests/lay ministers and church school), Judy Hinman (readers), Ann Bierut (ushers and church school), and Leslie Dehey (music).

Worship Committee and Assistants

Worship services offer many simple yet vital ways  to serve the Lord and the church. “It takes a village” is an apt phrase to describe these collaborative duties:

Lay Ministers have helped sustain Trinity while the parish has been without a Priest-in-Charge. They lead worship and offer homilies on Sundays when supply priests are unavailable. When our former Rector retired she reminded us, “I’m not the parish, you are the parish,” meaning that we would continue on, just as we’ve done numerous times in the past. Our seven lay ministers’ dedication has brought acceptance, learning, and joy to the congregation during this time of transition.

Lectors assist in the liturgy by reading the lessons and leading the Prayers of the People.

Ministers of Communion assist in administering communion and take communion to those who are unable to travel to services.

Ushers and Greeters arrive before services to direct  and greet people as they arrive, allowing us to show all who come through our doors the hospitality that exists here at Trinity.

Acolytes and Torchbearers of many ages may assist clergy by bearing torches, carrying a processional cross, or by carrying the Gospel. The word acolyte means “follower” and is derived from the Greek word akolouthos.

Church School Teachers and Assistants nurture the children of the parish. Through activities, discussion, and reading, children learn about the Bible’s stories and about God’s love for them

Counters ensure that offerings are accurately recorded and deposited, serving as faithful stewards for the precious gifts we have been given.

Behind the Scenes

But wait, there’s more! It takes yet another collection of dedicated volunteers working throughout the week to ensure our worship goes smoothly. Their tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Coordinating monthly worship plans
  • Scheduling worship assistants
  • Recruiting and scheduling Supply Priests and ensuring their needs are taken care of
  • Coordinating with the parish secretary to ensure the worship bulletin’s information is correct
  • Operating the camera and sound equipment for our livestream.

Interested in Helping?

Lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering to any of our outreach ministries. Contact Claudette in the Trinity Office for help connecting to those who can get you started.