Quality Street Fair – THANK YOU!

Quality Street was a huge success this year – thanks to all our volunteers and customers! We raised over $7000, which was split between the Canton Food Bank, Canton Emergency Fuel Bank, and the Trinity Nursery School Memorial Scholarship Fund. Photo includes -left to right:

Lee Ann Delaney – Director Trinity Nursery School

Jennifer Herbek – Director Canton Food Bank

Michael Langer – Treasurer, Canton Emergency Fuel Bank

Thanks for supporting these vital community services!

Where does the name Quality Street come from?

There is an actual Quality Street in Merstham, Great Britain, where a local parish has been running a (mostly annual) fair since the 1300’s. In 1901, J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) made that place famous by writing Quality Street, a play centered on quaint small-town life.

The name is also synonymous with a popular candy. In the early 1930s, only the wealthy could afford boxed chocolates made from exotic ingredients from around the world, with elaborate packaging that often cost as much as the chocolates themselves. In Great Britain, Harold Mackintosh had inherited a candy business from his parents, who’d developed a soft toffee candy that was popular. He had the idea to cover his different toffees with chocolate, wrap them in colorful paper, and present them in low-cost, yet attractive tins. Packaged in this way, the chocolates could be sold at a reasonable price and would, therefore, be available to working-class families. (Source: Wikipedia).

One could surmise the items available at our holiday fair are good quality at affordable prices – and that we’ve got some really tasty sweets. 

Interested in Helping?

Lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering with our outreach ministries. Contact Claudette in the Trinity Office for help connecting to those who can get you started.