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Lent, Holy Week, and Easter


The season now known as Lent (from an Old English word meaning “spring,” the time of lengthening days) has a long history. The journey through Lent into Easter is a journey with Jesus in remembrance of his 40 days spent fasting and praying in the wilderness after his baptism. This year Lent starts with Ash Wednesday on Feb 14th and lasts through Maundy Thursday (which commemorates the Last Supper) on March 28th.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter (March 24th this year) and is also known as the Sunday of the Passion. It commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem after 40 days of praying and fasting in the wilderness. It is also the first day of Holy Week. The service usually begins (weather permitting) outside, where palms are distributed to parishioners as a sign of peace. They then enter the church in procession.

Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

Maundy Thursday – also known as Holy Thursday – is in observance of Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist during the Last Supper, and this service includes ceremonial washing of the feet in memory of Christ’s washing the feet of his disciples.

You could ask, “What’s so good about Good Friday?” as it commemmorates the day of Jesus’ crucifixion and death. It is “good” because, as terrible as that day was, it had to happen for us to receive Jesus’ grace and the joy of Easter. As in life, we need to experience the depths to recognize the good, the forgiveness, and the salvation.

Learn more – courtesy of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey – below:


In the west, Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon on or after the vernal equinox. Easter this year is on Sunday, March 31st. Come gather with us to celebrate Easter Sunday with music, refreshments, and goody bags for the kids.

Easter Day is the annual feast of the resurrection, the pascha or Christian Passover. Faith in Jesus’ resurrection on  third day following his crucifixion is at the heart of Christian belief. Easter sets the experience of springtime next to these ancient stories of deliverance and the proclamation of the risen Christ, and symbolizes new life and rebirth.

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