What are Some of Trinity’s Ministries?

At Trinity Episcopal Church, we believe that God has gifted each person with knowledge, talent, and time to share. We know that inside every individual is the potential to make a positive difference in the world, and that it is through relationship, connection, and service to others that we find the most meaning in life.

What’s your calling?

Peruse our Ministries pages and see what speaks to you, then reach out to us at office@trinitycollinsville.org or 860-693-8172 to get started. Whether small or large, each role is important and very much needed.

Camp Hispaniola

When growing up in Haiti, parishioner Marc-Yves Regis never went to summer camp. After reminiscing on his childhood memories one day in 2009, Marc came up with the idea….

Miriam's Closet

Miriam’s Closet started at Trinity in 2017 and provides gently used work attire to people of all genders who need an outfit for a job interview or when starting a job….

Trinity Nursery School

Trinity Nursery School (TNS) is a non-religious, non-profit preschool and is an outreach program of Trinity Episcopal Church. The school has been educating children for nearly 50 years and is accredited by NAEYC….

Canton Food Bank

Trinity Collinsville has been home to the Canton Food Bank since the early 1980’s, providing space, administrative support, and volunteer assistance (along with other community volunteers)…..

Church Street Eats and Lunch in the Park

Church Street Eats is a cooperative Episcopal ministry centered at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford. Volunteers serve meals at Cathedral House every Sunday at noon, as well as 2-3 additional times each month….

Quality Street Fair

Quality Street is a Holiday Fair with Dickensian flair run each November. The fair includes a popular greenery booth run by the Altar Guild, vendor booths (featuring both parishioners’ products and those from outside vendors), luncheon….

Outreach Committee

Our Outreach committee is dedicated to helping individuals and families in need — especially children — locally, nationally and internationally. They organize programs throughout the year…

Interested in Helping?

Lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering to our outreach ministries. Contact Claudette in the Trinity Office for help connecting to those who can get you started.