What are Some of Trinity’s Ministries?

At Trinity Episcopal Church, we believe that God has gifted each person with knowledge, talent, and time to share. We know that inside every individual is the potential to make a positive difference in the world, and that it is through relationship, connection, and service to others that we find the most meaning in life.

What’s your calling?

Peruse this page and the Outreach Ministries page and see what speaks to you, then reach out to us at or 860-693-8172 to get started. Whether small or large, each role is important and very much needed.

Worship Committee and Assistants

Worship services offer many simple yet vital ways  to serve the Lord and the church. “It takes a village” is an apt phrase to describe these collaborative duties…

Music and Choir

Music is an integral part of worship at Trinity Collinsville. Sunday service incorporates hymns sung by our choir, accompanied by our lovely Fisk pipe organ…

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild adds light and color to our worship by setting the scene; they ensure the physical elements of our space are beautiful, reverent, and inspiring…

Welcoming and Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care/Welcoming ministry connects with and supports members of the Trinity community, whether they are longtime members or newcomers…

Christian Formation

Christian Formation seeks to create a nurturing and hospitable environment where all church members can grow in mind and body, heart and spirit….

Property Volunteers

Teams of volunteers occasionally pitch in to care for the beautiful space that Trinity Collinsville offers for gathering and  worship…

Interested in Helping?

Lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering to any of our outreach ministries. Contact Claudette in the Trinity Office for help connecting to those who can get you started.

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