Trinity Nursery School (TNS) is a non-religious, non-profit preschool and is an outreach program of Trinity Episcopal Church. TNS is a state certified pre-K program for 3- and 4-year-old children. The school has been educating children for almost 60 years and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). TNS teachers are certified educational professionals, all with 15 to 30 years of experience in early education. Teacher longevity is the norm here, and they are masters at creating opportunities for play, exploration, and learning in a kind, safe space that honors each child’s needs.

TNS serves families from Canton, Burlington, New Hartford, Torrington, Avon, Simsbury, Farmington, and beyond.

For more information, call the nursery school office at (860) 693-4615 or visit the school’s website.

Paul Atkins

As we started looking for preschools, what I knew for sure was that my 3-year-old needed time to acclimate to changes. We had, at the time, a small weekly playgroup – same kids every time – and Reilly would sit in my lap for the first 15-30 minutes.

When we arrived at Trinity for an open house, however, Mrs. Gentile welcomed Reilly at the door and had her talking and playing a game in less than a minute. Reilly spent two very happy years at Trinity with Ms. Delaney and Mrs. Gentile.

I loved that they had multiple activities set up at arrival every day, so children could gravitate toward what they enjoyed before the day’s planned routines started. New items would appear each day from their closet, which rivals Mary Poppins’ carpet bag. It was clear they were creating activities with thought and care, as well as teaching the most important skill a preschooler can learn: how to be a good friend. Outdoor time on the playground and wonderful field trips were a plus, too!

You might wonder why I’m writing a review 12 years afterward, and this is my answer:

1. The same teachers are there now; clearly for them this is a calling, not a job.
2. These early years matter – a lot. I truly believe the skills and nurturing received at Trinity helped create the kind, generous, and joyful soul that Reilly is today.

Christine Greene
Mom of Reilly, age 16